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A Day In The Life

Teaching, as a profession, is never a walk in the park. Add in a language barrier and communication conflicts and that'll kick things up a notch. Welcome to teaching in Thailand. Read on to find out what life is really like as a full-time teacher here.

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Wai Kru Day

Also known as "Teachers' Appreciation Day" in Thailand, students take this day to honor and pay respect to their teachers. I was fortunate to experience this celebration on Thursday, June 7 with my lovely nursery and kindergarten students. 

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That Time I Had Dengue

I've never been someone who shared medical things with the internet world. I guess that's where I sort of drew the line. If something serious happened, I only wanted my family and close friends knowing— I didn't need Joe Smith from biology class sophomore year reading about me on Facebook. I surely didn't need, let alone want, the sad-faced emojis or the pity comments. I really didn't. 

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