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By now, the cat’s out of the bag— I’m home in Maine! For good. For now… ha! I’m glad, though. I miss my students and all the wonderful people I met in Thailand, of course, but I’m happy to be home.

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A Day In The Life

Teaching, as a profession, is never a walk in the park. Add in a language barrier and communication conflicts and that'll kick things up a notch. Welcome to teaching in Thailand. Read on to find out what life is really like as a full-time teacher here.

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That Time I Had Dengue

I've never been someone who shared medical things with the internet world. I guess that's where I sort of drew the line. If something serious happened, I only wanted my family and close friends knowing— I didn't need Joe Smith from biology class sophomore year reading about me on Facebook. I surely didn't need, let alone want, the sad-faced emojis or the pity comments. I really didn't. 

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Reflecting on a Year in China

It’s hard to believe my time as a laowai (foreigner) in China has come to an end. What an incredible time it has been. From experiencing the rich, unique culture to teaching 1,200 young Chinese students every week, I'm so thankful for these experiences. I wouldn’t have traded my time here for anything else.

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