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Let's Talk About Food, Baby

Food is the essence of culture. It defines a generation, it becomes a talking point after a trip somewhere new, it simply brings people together. The food in Xi’an is just this, and more. Xi’an’s rich (and long) culinary history, paired with the influence of the Islamic culture make for an eclectic ride for your taste buds.

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Crossfit For Your Nose

On the bus in China, you get to know people on a chemical level. The sweat is pervasive and the odd mixture of cologne (and lack of) makes for a veritable pheromone stew. You can sense who brushes their teeth, who had onions and chili for dinner, who drank too much baijo the night before.

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Feelin' The Love

You know that warm feeling you get when you feel whole, when you feel like you’re exactly where you should be? That’s how I feel here, and I know it’s because of the people. When I think about the Chinese people I’ve met, generosity is the first trait that comes to mind.

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