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That Time I Had Dengue

I've never been someone who shared medical things with the internet world. I guess that's where I sort of drew the line. If something serious happened, I only wanted my family and close friends knowing— I didn't need Joe Smith from biology class sophomore year reading about me on Facebook. I surely didn't need, let alone want, the sad-faced emojis or the pity comments. I really didn't. 

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Celebrating The New Year in Chiang Mai

New Year's Eve is that one holiday everyone hypes up. You always want to plan the perfect night in the most perfect setting with your favorite people so you can ring in the new year right. I've had my fair share of awesome New Year's Eve celebrations (and a handful of not-so-good ones too), but I can say, without a doubt, celebrating the new year in Chiang Mai was one of the best ones yet. 

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Christmas Activities and Sports Days Shenanigans

As I write this, I lay on bed of patterned pillows and colorful tapestries on the rooftop of our guesthouse. The city of Chiang Mai is all around me— tiled rooftops, golden temples, and lush greenery stretch for miles in front of a mountainous backdrop. Between the cool breeze drifting through the rooftop's wind chimes and the soft jazz playing at a restaurant on the street corner below, I think I could stay here forever.

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